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How To Get The Most Value For Your Home in
Today's Market

We’re perhaps in the middle of the most profound buyer’s market for real estate this country has ever witnessed. Home values are down as much as 70 percent and more in markets such as California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and others. If you find yourself in a position where you absolutely must sell your home in this environment there are several considerations you’ll want to take into account so you can get the best possible price.


Buyers are becoming spoiled. It isn’t enough for some to get a discount of 30 percent, 40 percent or more from recent highs. Now they’re looking for additional kickers as well. A kicker is a benefit or advantage that sweetens the deal. And if you’re not willing to play along and offer a goodie or two, many buyers will pack it up and find a seller who will. The following are just a few of the possible items that buyers are finding necessary to include so they realize more value in selling their homes.


Help With Closing Costs

This is one of the more popular benefits buyers are offering. If you must sell, your agent might be able to cultivate more interest in your home by advertising that you’ll pay all or part of the closing costs for your buyer. Traditionally, closing costs outside of loan fees are pretty much divided down the middle in most residential transactions (though all closing costs are completely negotiable). These days a seller would do well to assume 100 percent of these costs to get the sale. Many sellers are actually helping out with the buyer’s loan fees as well to get the sale.


Moving Expenses

You might want to offer your prospective buyer help with moving expenses. If they’re coming from afar and plan on spending significant money in shipping furniture and other belongings, offering financial assistance in this area might just help seal the deal and allow you to realize more value for your home.


Home Warranty

This kicker is probably the first add-on item your real estate agent suggested you offer when listing your home. But if that’s not the case you should strongly consider adding a home warranty to the deal. This often gives the buyer a sense of security in knowing that if any major (or minor according to the limits of the warranty) system goes awry during the specified period of the warranty, repairs are covered.


Offer Chattel

Chattel is anything that’s not permanently affixed to the property, in other words, personal property. If you’re trying to market a rural home would you consider offering an older (age is relative to your motivation) pickup truck to close the deal? What about a riding lawn mower or other yard tools? It’s not uncommon to include items of personal property along with the house, especially if it’s the deciding factor in closing the deal.


Weekend Getaway

I know a seller who made a business of marketing his own properties after buying low, fixing, and reselling them. He was often able to beat out the competition by offering a 3-day, all expenses paid, weekend getaway for two to Reno, Nevada. He resided in the state of Washington so Reno wasn’t all that far. These little weekend getaway packages usually ran under $500 for two people and often added the extra incentive necessary to close the deal.


There are other goodies you might consider offering. One might be help with financing in the form of a second mortgage. You might agree to having some modifications done to the house. Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to offering benefits to your buyers. Perhaps you should just ask, what will it take for you to realize your maximum home value?


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